Fraser Cannon Productions are proud co-producers of The Mimetic Festival, 17-20 November 2014.  
The Mimetic Festival is a two week celebration of the very best emerging devised, physical and visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret. Now entering its third year we regularly play host to some of the most exciting international companies working in this field today.
The Mimetic Festival has a clear mission statement – to become the hub for emerging european theatre making in the UK. We will bring the very best in emerging contemporary physical theatre, cabaret and puppetry to London, while offering a hub for theatre makers working from a European theatre tradition, to come together to share their work and vision and to foster new collaborations and contacts.
Having begun life in the Dugdale Centre in Enfield north London in 2014 we made the exciting move to the Central London – with a new home in the Vaults in Waterloo. Not only does this give us more stages to program and spaces to run – it also gives us the chance of making Mimetic a destination venue and social hub for the length of its run.

For more information and to book tickets please visit the Mimetic website: